Every aspect of my teaching is focused on the individual. My lessons are filled with student interaction and I incorporate discovery learning whenever possible. I am implementing a mastery-based grading system for exams in all of my courses. In addition to learning the course material, I require that my students exercise their logic and reasoning skills as I encourage them to become life-long learners.

Since earning a bachelor's degree in adolescence education, I have accumulated 10 years of teaching experience at 4 different universities as the Instructor of Record for 13 distinct courses (and 25 sections) ranging from service courses (College Algebra) to major courses (Introduction to Graph Theory), ranging in size from 10 to 100 students. I have managed undergraduate and graduate graders and teaching assistants, in addition to serving as the mentor for graduate teaching assistants. Each new semester, I draw from my past experiences and explore new methodology to challenge each student, highlight applications, and build a solid foundation for my students' future career paths.

Courses Taught at Davidson College

Discrete Models for Biological Structures (MATH 281) Spring 2019
Sets and Proofs (MATH 230) Fall 2018
Discrete Structures (MATH/CSC 220) Fall 2019
Linear Algebra (MATH 150) Spring 2019
Calculus I: No Previous Exposure (MATH 111) Fall 2018, Fall 2019

Courses Taught at Georgia Institute of Technology

Foundations of Mathematical Proof (MATH 2106) Spring 2018 Course Website
Introduction to Graph Theory (MATH 4022) Fall 2017 Course Website
Applied Combinatorics (MATH 3012) Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017 Course Website
Integral Calculus (MATH 1552) Fall 2016 Course Website

Courses Taught at the University of South Carolina

Discrete Structures (MATH 374) Spring 2014
Vector Calculus (MATH 241) Summer 2011, Fall 2011, Summer 2013
Calculus I (MATH 141) Fall 2012, Fall 2013
Business Calculus (MATH 122) Spring 2013
Precalculus (MATH 115) Fall 2012, Fall 2013
Basic College Mathematics (MATH 111) Spring 2011

Courses Taught at Virginia Commonwealth University

Calculus I (MATH 161) Summer 2010
Precalculus (MATH 151) Fall 2009 (two sections), Spring 2010 (two sections)
Algebra with Applications (MATH 141) Fall 2008 (two sections), Spring 2009 (two sections)

Private Tutor

Discrete Mathematics (MATH 574)
Algebraic Structures I (MATH 546)
Linear Algebra (MATH 544)
Introduction to Proofs (MATH 300)
Vector Calculus (MATH 241)
Calculus II (MATH 142)
Calculus I (MATH 141)